Japan to Get Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box

July 8, 2011 by


The Resident Evil franchise is a staple when it comes to modern survival horror games and in order to do the series’ 15th anniversary justice, Capcom is releasing a huge boxset with lots of goodies to commemorate the occasion. The box will contain the following:

  • Resident Evil 1 Director’s Cut (PS1)
  • Resident Evil 2 (PS1)
  • Resident Evil 3 (PS1)
  • Resident Evil: Survival Selection (PS3)
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica Soundtrack
  • Resident Evil 4 Soundtrack
  • 15th anniversary pins and stickers
  • A Resident Evil 5 Spacer

Yes, Resident Evil 5 is sold seperately for some reason. The first three games are actually PS1 discs, so no HD update for you. The box set will be released September 8th in Japan and cost 7900 Yen (~$96), hit the jump to take a look at it. Now just don’t forget about your Western fans, alright Capcom?

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Bethesda Announces ‘Dishonored’

July 7, 2011 by


Game Informer blew the lid on Bethesda’s newest IP in their reveal for the August 2011 cover of the magazine. A little while ago, it was noticed that Bethesda had trademarked a game called Dishonored and today the existence of the game was confirmed.

Dishonored is described as a first-person stealth/action adventure game from Arkane Studios and according to the reveal, it has some pretty big names attached to the project. Along with Arkane Studios’ own Raf Colantonio, the project has Harvey Smith (best known for his creation of Deus Ex along side Warren Spector) and Viktor Antonov (designer of Half Life 2′s City 17) on board.

Though we don’t know much right now, Dishonored sounds very promising already but we’ll have to wait until the full reveal for all of the details Bethesda is willing to share.

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“New” Sonic Generations Trailer Shows off New “Escape from the City” Version

July 7, 2011 by


A few minutes ago, Famitsu posted a new trailer for Sonic Generations. Okay, well, it’s not really new, as it’s the same trailer that was shown at E3 this year, just with Japanese captions. But it does feature different music, namely the new version of Escape from the City, which should make it worthwile for any Sonic fan to check out. Hit the jump to see it and tell us what you think of this new interpretation of the old classic.
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Capcom’s Ixion Saga Gets Trailer, Details, Alpha Test

July 7, 2011 by


As promies, Capcom revealed a slew of new info today on their upcoming PC online RPG Ixion Saga. Players will take control of a Hyperion, a human infused with superhuman abilities given out by the Ixion, a race of paranormal beings and then proceed to beat the hell out of each other online in teams of 8. Hit the jump for the trailer and more information.

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Pokemon Say Tap announced for iOS and Android.

July 6, 2011 by


Nintendo of Japan has announced that the Pokemon franchise will be coming to the apple app store and the android market this summer in Japan. The game is named “Pokemon Say Tap” and is said to be a rhythm based game where players tap Pokemon cards to the beat of music. The game will also be available for free on both platforms. When asked if other Nintendo franchises would be appearing on these platforms as well Nintendo of Japan spokesmen Yasuhiro Minagawa stated “Nintendo’s strategy to develop software only for its own hardware hasn’t changed and won’t change”. No word on any North American release of the title as of yet.

Kinda crazy to think that people in Japan can soon play a Pokemon game on the Sony Xperia Play. Hopefully we will eventually get the title stateside as well.

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PSN Pass Begins With Resistance 3

July 6, 2011 by

PSN Pass

An image recently surfaced showing the box details for the Resistance 3 bundle and the mark of a mysterious PSN Pass feature. Today, it was confirmed in a statement from Sony that the feature is indeed real and coming soon starting with Insomniac’s latest installment in the Resistance franchise.

The pass is being compared all over to EA’s pass system from last year where a one-time code is used to access a game’s online features. The concept seems like it’s spreading like wildfire across the industry with many games planning to incorporate the future. It is primarily seems as an attack on the secondhand games market of which GameStop is the leader. If you get the game used with no code, you’ll have to fork over extra cash to purchase your own pass.

Right now it’s only for PS3 games and they made it clear that the Pass is game-specific but we all know that it’ll probably find it’s way on to the games we all want to play.

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Crimson Alliance Gets New Screens

July 6, 2011 by

Crimson Alliance

Crimson Alliance, an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, has new screenshots out. The game is a cooperative action RPG with three classes of character development and the ability to play with three other party members via local multiplayer or Xbox Live. It comes out on September 7, 2011 and can be obtained for free if you get all of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade games.

Now that you know about the game, check out the images after the jump. read the entry »

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Bethesda Talks More About Skyrim

July 6, 2011 by


Yesterday, Bethesda answered the questions of fans about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on their forums. The fan interview answered questions regarding the features of the main character such as customization, race, interaction, and even your character’s voice. You won’t have one, but you’ll be doing a lot of Dragonshouts. It also covered the topics of gameplay such as combat, returning items and equipment, advantages of terrain, and the coveted battle against the dragons. If you want to know all of the specifics just give it a read here.

However if there is one major thing to take away from the fan interview, it’s that this is proof that Skyrim, like past entries, is a PC game to the core. Todd Howard explained how if PC players have a dedicated system they will get better textures, render models, and other effects that improve the game. He also made it clear that a Creation Kit is coming for PC.

“The PC version also gets higher res textures, larger render models, and a bunch of other effects you can scale up if your machine is a beast. Last but most important, is the Creation Kit we’ll be releasing for the PC. Modding the game and making it your own is very important to us and our fans, so we’re going to keep doing whatever we can in that area.”

Like the full force return of fighting games, it’s good to see so much PC dedicated content on the way.

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New Screenshots, Characters for Frontier Gate Revealed

July 6, 2011 by


Konami has just revealed two new characters for their Monster Hunter-esque turn-based RPG Frontier Gate, which is being developed by tri-Ace for the PSP, as well as some new screenshots. The new characters will be called Sigrid and Dandes respectively: Sigrid is a female knight from the federation of Kilkenia (spelling subject to change) and wielding a two-handed sword; Dandes is a retired settler who carries around a huge hammer. Think of a funny “Can’t touch this” reference, then hit the jump to see the new characters as well as the new screenshots.

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Onlive CEO unveils new low latency Wireless Technology.

July 5, 2011 by


The future of wireless technology and cloud gaming just got a little more exciting as CEO of Onlive Steve Perlman unveiled a new type of wireless technology at the inaugural NExTWORK technology conference last week.  The new technology is currently being called DIDO and is said to have ranges of up to 250 miles, have unlimited bandwidth, latency of 2 ms (tested at 30 miles), and signals strong enough to pass through solid objects.  Perlman is looking to have the technology available to consumers within a few years time.

As a user of Onlive myself the ability to use the service through wireless sounds sounds a whole lot better then my current solution of having a 50 foot  cat5 cable affectionately nicknamed “Big Blue” connecting my PC to my router.

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