Analytics Reviewed March 2011

April 3, 2011 by

analytics march 2011

The last posting of Analytics Reviewed, I showed you a major spike in traffic to the site. Primarily due to Destin leaving ScrewAttack to move out to San Francisco for a new job opportunity. The question of how often a posting like this should be done was also asked.

There were a lot of different answers, so Destin and I agreed that once a month I would release the analytical information, until people got bored of it. But how can anyone get bored of looking at such wonderful statistics is a mystery to me. (Yes, that is call being facetious.)
So from here on out, until either I or everyone else gets bored of seeing this information, the first Sunday of the new month will have the previous months analytics posted.

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Analytics Reviewed 001

February 27, 2011 by

daily dl analytics 001

It comes as no surprise that the announcement of Destin leaving ScrewAttack sent The Daily DL’s analytics through the roof. This was an overwhelming surprise to the both of us and we quickly started talking about a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly posting showing some of the analytical information. I’m unsure if anyone out there is interested in this (just post in the comments if you are), however as the site grows I thought it would be nice to share these stats with you.

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