Dr Momo

People were moved when Keiji Inafune, best known for the Mega Man series, left Capcom with some rather big remarks on how Japan’s game development was behind. Since then only announcements of his companies were made but now we have an idea on what his next game will be and if you were hoping for anything along the lines of Mega Man or Dead Rising, you’ll probably ridicule it as much as the rest of the internet.

GREE, Index, and Inafune’s new company Comcept will be releasing The Island of Dr. Momo later this year. It is a game for iOS and Android where you play as the mad scientist Dr. Momo who combines animals in attempt to make the world’s cutest thing. Not much beside that is currently known about the game.

Yes, if you’re an H.G. Wells fan, it’s exactly what it sounds like… just cute.

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Posted by: Vincent

Posted on: July 22, 2011

Vincent is a writer here at The Daily DL. Long devoted to gaming since childhood, he always tries to stay informed on the latest in the gaming industry. He has spent years playing games and learning how they are made.