Lost Winds was one of the first titles out the gates when WiiWare launched back in May of 2008. The game itself is known as one of the better titles available on the service and even got a sequel in Lost Winds: Winter of the Melodies ;however, being a WiiWare exclusive has kept the series out of many people’s hands due to the stigma that comes with the normally poor quality of software available on the service.  Frontier Development seems to seek to change that by releasing Lost Winds on both iOS and Android later this year.  The game will have touch screen controls to replace the Wiimote as well as a virtual joypad for character movement.  No word yet on an exact release date or pricing yet but expect the game in the app store soon.

I’m not so sure how I feel about the game working with a virtual joypad but if they implement it right this game could be great for the platform.  I was a big fan of the series on WiiWare and I would high suggest checking it out if you havent already.

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