Today, the God of War is going online, Rare on Kinect’s power, and new Max Payne 3 images.

Today, the God of War is going online, Rare on Kinect’s power, and new Max Payne 3 images. I’m Destin and this is your Daily DL.

Could the next God of War game be going online? I sure as hell hope not. (Source: Gamasutra) The team at Sony Santa Monica has posted up a job looking for a Senior Online Programmer. The person they’re looking for would be responsible for ruining the God of War franchise by designing and implementing systems for match-making, testing, and supporting existing systems. Why the God of War franchise needs an online system no one knows, but if other games are any indication Dead Space 2 it’s sure to be a tacked on, barely functional piece of crap that we’ll all play anyway.

Rockstar has revealed two new images of Max Payne 3 with the associated tweet “It’s coming.” (Source: Rockstar via: DTOID) The game that’s scheduled to be released two years ago got new images including a shadowy picture of Max Payne bloodied and shooting a gun, and a shadowy picture of Max Payne looking disappointed because his game’s never going to effing come out. If you think back to 2009 when the first set of screens were released, you might remember feeling some kind of excitement, which you’ll now recognize as the feeling of resentment and disappointment you’re currently experiencing. Sorry for all the negativity, but I can only handle one extremely long delay every decade.

and finally Rare software is saying that they’re currently only using 10 to 15% of Kinects technical capabilities. (Source: CVG) This statement was made by software director Nick Burton, at London’s Institute for Contemporary Arts, where he also referred to the power of the kinect as “virtually limitless.” Thus far Rare has used that “virtually limitless” power to develop a rip-off of Wii sports, a game where you smack ping pong balls, and a game where you smack balls in the air. Gee. If they were to use all 100% of that power, maybe someone can smack, oh I don’t know… Software Director Nick Burton.

I’m Destin and that was your Daily DL.

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Posted by: Destin

Posted on: March 31, 2011

Destin has a penchant for video games and sarcasm. He's written for ScrewAttack, Destructoid, and GoNintendo, but has also produced episodes of the Video Game Vault series for Gametrailers, and created, produced, and edited every episode of The Armory on IGN. To put it mildly, he knows his shit.