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The top stories this week are Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, StarHawk, and Hitman! That’s right it’s time for your weekly wrap up on The Daily

Nintendo dropped the price of their console known as the Wii. (Source: Nintendo) Maybe you’ve heard of it. Now you’ll be able to get the soon to be extremely outdated piece of hardware for the low low price of $150 dollars. Be the laugh of the neighborhood when everyone else is getting the Wii 2, and your cheap ass just got an old outdated dust collector. Hey, at least it comes with Mario Kart… and a steering wheel now. Something else you’ll throw away in six months.

Some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 artwork was leaked onto the net. (Source: HBG)This included box art, a logo, and some kind of elite stamp with a bunch of guns behind it. These new leaked images that Activision refused to comment on are a great time to introduce my new segment.


FAKE. There is no way that Activision would release such crap. Especially that Elite stamp. I mean who in their right mind would do that to the Call of Duty logo. It just looks ugly and that’s why I’m calling it. It’s Fake! Nice try Photoshop nerds.

Moving on, it would seem that Kotaku had an exclusive this Friday looking at Modern Warfare 3. (Source: Kotaku) Anyway, you might remember Kotaku as that website you went to before they let a drawing two chimpanzees made in their feces dictate their re-design. They revealed that Modern Warfare 3 will arrive November 8th, 2011 and will find us fighting wars in New York, Paris, and London. Feel free to hop on by Kotaku to see the full story, and thank them for ruining my new segment. Jerks.

Of course the week wouldn’t be complete without talking a little bit about Sony. This week… almost a month after the outage began Sony sent out a nice letter to the companies that lost millions and millions of dollars due to the outage. (Source: DTOID) They said “we’re sorry” and outlined what they’ll be doing to make it all better. Way to be on the ball, and professional guys. Speaking of being on the ball, Bloomberg said that Sony’s goal was to have PSN back up by the 31st which Sony quickly slapped down. (Source: CVG) A conversation took place where a Sony rep said the following. Whoa whoa whoa. We have no fucking clue when the network is going to be back up oh my god why did you say that we’re so fucked I’m going to get fired. Do you know how pissed Capcom why are you writing this down? Then the transcriber stopped writing. So to recap… the consensus is that Sony still sucks. I’ll keep you updated.

Ohh yeah. OKAY to be fair they did reveal Starhawk this week. (Source: IGN) Starhawk is new the cool looking space shooter that is the sequel to the online only Warhawk. I’ve sworn a lot during this show, and I hate using the word awesome, but the best way to describe how Starhawk is looking, is by saying it’s looking FUCKING AWESOME. Now get your damn online fixed Sony so I can play it. Seriously

There were a few other stories this week I feel I need to hit on, but there short updates so lets do them all as fast as possible. It’s afterburner time. 3… 2… 1…

Street Fighter X Tekken will be in stores by 2012 and no one cares, because the much better sequel will follow 6 month’s later.

A new Assassin’s creed game was released further raping Ezio. But Altair will be in it making it worthwhile.

Someone at 1UP got ripped off buying a green ds lite.  In other news, I just made $200 dollars.

Brink came out this week and it sucked… on a planet where an almost 70% average review is SUCKING WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU INTERNET?

Finally, Dark Souls is going to be harder than ever. How hard? Let’s take a look… that boulder killed him that was great and Stop…. decent time, but I think I can do better next week.

finally, my biggest piece of news was all about Hitman. A new Hitman has finally been confirmed after a long wait with an extremely short trailer. The Trailer shows Agent 47 tightining a silencer on his gun, a rattle snake coiling a gun, and a brief glimpse at UPC number. And about that UPC number, I’ve got one more segment for you. I’m callin’ it.

Didn’t see that comin’

So you see a UPC in the new Hitman trailer, you enter it online and guess what. It’s for a dildo bag. (Source: Gamesradar)I did not see that comin’. I wonder what the marketing guys were thinking of. “Hey bob, we need a upc! What Frank? We Need a UPC Bob. Oh yeah, how about this one? Yeah that should work, where did you get it? Oh I just grabbed the first upc I could find on Google. Thanks Frank. People have weird conversations in my head.

Anyway that’s all for this week. I did want to let you know that The Daily is getting some additional contributors now and holy crap we will soon have content every single day so make sure you’re checking it out. Also, let me know what you think of the new format! Hate it? Love it? Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.

Until next week, I’m Destin, and that’s a wrap.

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Posted by: Destin

Posted on: May 14, 2011

Destin has a penchant for video games and sarcasm. He's written for ScrewAttack, Destructoid, and GoNintendo, but has also produced episodes of the Video Game Vault series for Gametrailers, and created, produced, and edited every episode of The Armory on IGN. To put it mildly, he knows his shit.